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We produce and sell the full slab, and provide the customization on the markets all over the world.

BORCELLANA, is dedicated to providing high-quality natural marble products. Our mission is to fulfill our customers’ demand for premium marble by delivering the most consistent and valuable natural stones. With our own natural marble quarries, we guarantee the highest quality products from the source. Our experienced and professional team strives to provide exceptional service and high-quality solutions, with the latest expertise and applications for stone materials, to meet our customers’ needs. In addition to supplying standard natural marble products, we also offer personalized and tailored services to ensure our customers receive the perfect solution. Our vision is to become a leading supplier of natural marble worldwide, delivering the highest quality stone products and exceptional customer service.

borcellana marble

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borcellana marble's marble quarry boasts millions of cubic meters of high-quality marble resources, both abundant and diverse in variety. Our quarry also extracts other premium stone materials, ensuring that our customers have a wide range of choices to select from.

The Stunning Stone Artistry of borcellana marble's Dubai Sea-View Villa

borcellana marble is a leading brand renowned for its high-quality natural marble. In a residential project in Dubai, borcellana marble successfully delivered a living environment bursting with luxury and grandeur with the use of natural marble. 

The client expressed the desire to create an opulent, noble and distinguished living space. The designer cleverly merged Dubai's unique cultural atmosphere with Mediterranean culture to create an innovative design plan. borcellana marble's natural marble was chosen as the decorative material to create an elegant, luxurious and contemporary ambiance.

borcellana marble's natural marble boasts of three outstanding qualities – excellent quality, stable material and breathtaking appearance. This product is customizable according to the designer's specifications; it features a sophisticated surface texture, rich colors and impressive gloss which add an air of grandeur, nobility and elegance to any space.

This luxury residential project perfectly showcased the stunning stone craftsmanship borcellana marble possesses. The product's exceptional features effortlessly reflected Dubai's cultural and visual characteristics. borcellana marble's high-quality, stable material and individualized appearance breathed life into this project, creating an environment of luxury and magnificence. 

Using White Marble,This Singapore Five-Star Hotel Achieves a Modern, Aesthetic and Minimalist Look

White marble is an indispensable material in top hotel decoration because of its exceptional beauty and excellent quality, creating a high-end, comfortable, and luxurious atmosphere. And in the decoration project of this five-star hotel in Singapore, borcellana marble’s white marble played a crucial role due to its outstanding quality and aesthetic.

The designer followed modern, aesthetic, and minimalist concepts in selecting white marble as the primary decoration material, creating a model of noble quality. During material selection, strict and meticulous scrutiny was applied to ensure natural beauty and internal and external texture coordinates.

The meticulous white marble laying with excellent techniques and precision in the design plan delighted clients and guests. After multiple calculations, engineers skillfully scattered the texture design in every corner with humor, imbuing it with the designer’s concept.

The white marble foundation exuded a noble and comfortable ambiance that made guests feel cozy and comfortable. Clients and guests marveled at the guest room decorated with white marble, and borcellana marble’s excellent brand quality received extensive praise.

borcellana marble's Qin White Natural Marble Enhances the Luxury of a Five-Star Hotel in London.

Design Concept: For this luxury hotel decoration project in London, the customer requested the use of high-end stone to create a modern, luxurious, and comfortable ambiance. They chose borcellana marble's customized Qin White natural marble design plan, with white marble as the predominant theme for the guest room decoration.

Product Advantage: With its exceptional texture and glossiness, Qin White has a smooth, flat surface that is resistant to damage and easy to maintain, making it an excellent high-quality natural stone. Using Qin White natural marble adds a touch of nobility and sophistication to the overall luxury hotel guest room decoration.

The utilization of borcellana marble's Qin White natural marble creates a high-end, fashionable decoration effect that allows guests to experience convenience and comfort. Both clients and guests are highly satisfied with the overall decoration effect.

This London hotel decoration project showcases the quality texture and beauty of borcellana marble, as well as highlighting their high-quality customization and service capabilities. Utilizing Qin White natural marble has made the hotel's decoration effect even more striking, reflecting its luxurious and high-end atmosphere and quality.

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